About the Chefs

Ecuadorian born and raised, Erick and Jose found their culinary passion very young. Erick, as the last of five siblings,  remembers how he used to say that he was going to become a doctor, but the "food-lover" enthusiasm that he inherited from his mother was stronger. Erick started his gastronomic adventure working for some of the best restaurants in his hometown, Guayaquil. After completing his Hotel and Tourism Management degree, he decided that it was time to continue with his culinary journey, and that journey brought him to New Jersey to continue his profession.

Jose, his nephew, while being the baby in the family, couldn't get more attention. Every birthday party and every gathering, he was exposed to a culinary explosion. From his Nona, to his mother, to his uncle; it was all about great food. After graduating from high school, and obtaining a degree in Psychology, he traveled to Germany for an internship. There, his passion for food became his number one priority. Back in Ecuador, he started a small baking goods company, but his thrive to learn more brought him to the Garden State where he pursued his true vocation in the kitchen. Once together again, Erick and Jose combined all those years of experience and started a lifetime project. MICASA was born to bring you tasty, quality products.

We hope you enjoy this journey and join us in this adventure.

Erick & Jose